Appropriately, There’s a Glaring Spelling Error on Donald Trump’s Official Inauguration Print

Appropriately, There’s a Glaring Spelling Error on Donald Trump‘s Official Inauguration Print

We’ve officially settled that Donald Trump can’t spell. We realize that his White House staff can’t spell. We even know, as of this previous end of the week, that the recently Betsy DeVos-helmed U.S. Division of Education can’t spell.

Along these lines, on account of the majority of that, and with the information that the Idiocracy is solidly upon us, as the Trump White House constructed its establishment solely on those with a dynamic scorn of all that elitist book learnin’, perhaps the picture beneath, the authority Donald Trump Inauguration Print, bodes well.

Possibly nothing could better speak to this man and his organization than, well, simply investigate that quote. Is this a straightforward mistake? A joke? A cunning burrow at Trump from the people at the Library of Congress? Did they duplicate his own words, precisely as composed – one expect, from a tweet – to create this beyond any doubt to-be-collector’s-thing (making this the main presidential inaugural print that is what might as well be called the incredible Billy Ripken “fuck confront” baseball card)?

Truly, who the damnation knows. Simply kick back and wonder about how far we are through the mirror and into this universe of damn-close hallucinatory ineptitude. I’m somewhat ecstatically getting a charge out of it now. Aren’t you, too?

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